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Darriele Finley

A Miami native with a niche to transition visions into illustrations. After graduating with a degree in Political Science and minor in Theater, she decided to pursue a career in film. Upon going on a spring of auditions, casting calls, open mic events, and workshops, she discovered that her true freedom of expression was not through becoming an "actress" per say, but through writing and film-making. She scraped up all her savings, bought a camera, and began creating. She ultimately felt the urgency to give recognition to creative minds alike. The behind the scenes community consisting of the writers, video/audio engineers, art designers, etc seemed undervalued, and deserved more ovation. Upon her epiphany this spawned her art and entertainment brand "Nubian Vanity". A place where the real action occurs, in the mind of the creator. Here, she connects intimacy between the audience and the expressionist.